O.M.D. Rules Front Cover

The day I was disrespected by him, my personality went crazy

Then my dark side wakes up and the devil knocks on my heart

Bang Bang Bang, bang like a hammer

Negative emotions almost crushed me, but it quickly turned into an overwhelming power

They were crying out for help

God God God, salvation of god

There is no limit to him desires

Just kill those who get in him way

The devil's control is more expanding

Kill Kill Kill, kill your enemy

665 destructions and curses have been repeated so far, he says that one more is missing

Six Six Six, he screams in anger

Everything was getting dark and it was getting hard to breathe

I can't hear the songs anymore, I don't have any emotions anymore

Every time I felt sadness and despair, I became stronger

The monster's skin peels off and loses its human form

There is no limit to her desires

Just kill those who get in her way

The witches control is more expanding

Curse Curse Curse, curse your enemy

12 murders and betrayal have been repeated so far, he says that one more is missing

13 13 13, imitate Judas

2023, In this world without salvation

We have been struggling

In this moment,our rebellions begins

Like a momentary disaster

Just with ferocity and absolute power

Heart is already controlled

By absolute ruler

Welcome to our dark side

Helpless dark side

  • Lyricist

    One Moment Disaster

  • Composer

    One Moment Disaster

O.M.D. Rules Front Cover

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