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Melody of the Lunar Maria -TSUKUYOMI-

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In 2022, koto player Takashi Honma's first video work [Melody of the Lunar Maria -TSUKUYOMI-]

The deep sound of the 25-string bass koto, the melody of the old Japanese koto, and the crossover between contemporary music and tradition.

What kind of existence is the moon?

Why do people think of the moon?

Tonight too"The moon is pouring down"

"Reading the moon"
It's about knowing the time and getting the calendar.
From January to December, we follow the days in the moon

"Watching the moon"
the moon illuminates everything
So that even a sliver of darkness disappears

"The moon protects the night"
As if covering everything with light
May all life rest in peace
And today too

"The moon is rising"

Artist Profile


    Japanese traditional music player Takashi Homma From the age of 3, she received koto, and from the age of 12, her mother solved the shamisen. He started the Rockabillyband at the age of 17 and was in charge of guitar and composition. Since that time he has also composed many other songs. Graduated from Toho Gakuen College of Arts, Majoring in Music, Majoring in Japanese Music. And completed the same department and graduate school. While performing at many temples and shrines, he is focusing on composition and performance activities that convey [Japan]. . Representative of Amatel . MIKAGE PROJECT . Members of the Japanese musical instrument male group [Sakura men] .Sound Horizon around15 member

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