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A joint work by BLAHRMY's MC, SHEEF THE 3RD and NAGMATIC.
NAGMATIC is the leading person of BOOM BAP SOUND in Japan, who has received tremendous support from the scene with its unshakable attitude. ..

This work, which became the first single, has a heavy beat that everyone will surely shake their head from the beginning.
TRACK has a distinctive piano tune that remains in your ears, and the astringency that can be called Ibushi silver shines glaringly.
It is no exaggeration to say that the mature NAGMATIC SOUND has updated BOOM BAP SOUND, which was synonymous with "old-fashioned" in recent years with US HARDCORE HIP HOP, to "Now".

Since the release of BLAHRMY's 2nd solo EP, he has shown his rap skills in various guest performances, and SHEEF THE 3RD's RAP, which continues to leave an impact, is a perfect match for the future development. It's a song that makes you expect.

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