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This work, which will be the de facto first release work under the name of composer&producer SAIJI, welcomes IA as vocals, and while being an extension of the sound of the produced vocaloid unit neoromancia, SAIJI himself plays the drums, and the rock band S. 4. The band sound is finished with G bassist RYO. A four-minute story is formed by a driving sound that unfolds dramatically with a classical flow and modulation, an emotional vocal of IA, and a profound ending with a string quartet at the end.

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    D_CLACX works in a style featuring VOCALOID and Female Vocals. A trio of DRUMS composer SAIJI, GUITAR / AYAME, and BASS RYO. From time to time, I sometimes perform with 3 pieces of Drum Vocals.

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    北海道旭川市出身の作曲家、プロデューサーのSAIJI。 自主レーベルサークル「Material Music Records / #TokyoSix」主宰。 北海道新聞他メディアに取り上げられた、故郷旭川感謝の歌「雪野も花も」音楽総監督。 ドラムボーカルバンドD_CLACXでは、ドラムボーカルを担当

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Material Music Records / #TokyoSix