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Hitomk's Last Surprise!
As Hitomk resumed her musical activities, the presence of Coichi Noro's voice, who participated as a chorus, surprised her.
And it drove her to think, "I want to produce Coichi Noro."
Coichi Noro made his debut with "NONSECT" in the late 80's."Han-na" led by Hitomi Kuramoto, also known as Hitomk, was both a musical companion and a good rival."NONSECT" includes Horie Akira and Yoko Hiromoto.And they are also the cornerstone of the Hitomk Project.

Hitomiku consulted Mr. Horie about this.
The work was decided to be the unreleased song "Skyscraper" of "NONSECT".
In order to make the most of Coichi Noro's strong voice, the image of Hitomk was entrusted to Mr. Horie, and the new "Skyscraper" was completed.
The combination of Noro's vocals with emotional adult sex appeal and Hitomk's chorus that intersects everywhere is very thrilling.
Not only "NONSECT" fans at that time, but also adult rock fans, please listen to it.

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  • Coichi Noro

    February 16, 1961 Born in Mikasa, Hokkaido Blood type O, Aquarius. 1983 Formed the rock band NONSECT based on blues reggae. Performing vocals, writing lyrics and composing, energetically starting live activities mainly in Hokkaido. June 1984 Released "No.94 / Harbor Street" from SD HOKKAIDO HIGUMA Label. March 1988 Released the first album "GO-KOH" from the Nippon Columbia BODY label. They started a nationwide live tour. September 1989 Second album "FOCUS POINT" released. October 1989 Released the single "Knashiine~Lonely City Blues/Heaven". They held a nationwide live tour for "FOCUS POINT". March 1990 NONSECT disbanded. February 2020 Coichi Noro participates in the project as a chorus while Hitomk resumes music activities.

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