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"DANKAI! -D-A-N-K-A-I-" is a song about a woman of the baby-boom generation born between 1947 and 1949, and this song is a fusion of J-Pop, Enka and dance music. "I can use smartphone easyly! I'm a still young!" The main character is a woman in her 70s, who is very energitic and the highlight of the story is her love for Park Seo-jung, a Korean actor popular for the Netflix dramas, while reminiscing about her love life in her youth. The song is sung by Panda no Ryugi, a talented singer popular for his singing posts on SNS, and the main character Haruko is played by Mayumi Akanebe, a voice actress who has dubbed foreign dramas and Disney animated films. The production team for the co-writing, arrangement, mastering and music video is an interesting mix of professionals from various industries, but what is most interesting is that Park Seo Jun's agency, which appears in the lyrics, has unofficially permitted the song.

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