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Half century girl Ao's third album.
A girl who loves to fantasize, she was never good at drawing or writing, and grew up without any means of self-expression. It was when she was past her fifties that she suddenly started writing songs. A mature maiden who discovered that she could express herself through music suddenly blossomed without even budding.
This is a work in which she created sounds as if she were painting a picture, using her sensitivity cultivated through theater and art appreciation, based on the miracle created by such an encounter with music. It is a visual beauty that is truly befitting of the concept of a "kaleidoscope of sound," a sharpened view of the world that no one can imagine, reflected in layers of mirrors and locked into a single album.
The lyrics of each song include a flower and the language of flowers inspired by the song.

Artist Profile

  • Half century girl Ao

    My name is Half century girl Ao who started playing in my 50s. I am a housewife but a lifeless character. My songs are extraordinary songs like musicals. I have a healing harp voice. I sometimes have a bad-girl dusky voice. I am a woman who plays and performs on the keyboard. I am sometimes a KIMONO performer and princess.

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