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KOMONO LAKE, a three-piece band characterized by a musical style influenced by city pop, Showa-era songs, and Soul/R&B, has released a new song titled "Body's Voice."

It will be KOMONO LAKE's last single in 2023. It has a relaxing atmosphere that reminds us of the busy daily life and tasks that come our way, even when we don't want them to do them and just procastinate.

The song is colored with memorable synths and guitar phrases, and contains a message appropriate for the end of the year, paying tribute to all the people who have worked hard this year.

KOMONO LAKE was formed in 2021 by Taiwan-based singer Kanbin, formally London-based and now Tokyo based producer SKYTOPIA, formerly also a member of Kero Kero Bonito, and bassist Kuroji, who also performs support work for Night Tempo, Yun*chi and others.

The band released their first album "SUNSHOWER" in 2022, followed by a Taiwan tour in January 2023, "Spring Desert" in April, "One By One" in May, and "Silence" in November, and will conclude the year with this fourth singles.

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Body's Voice

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