1. Morning Rain (Instrumental)
  2. 88Blues (Instrumental)
  3. Good Morning Hero (Instrumental)
  4. Bye Bye Blues (Instrumental)
  5. afternoon party 306 (Instrumental)
  6. J.S.415 (Instrumental)

The original music of the loneliness harmonica player Hideothsi Kawanaka
Japan's top harmonica player Hero Nishimura andBacked by super guitarist / producer Katsuhiko Sato who has supported various artistsA harmonica instrumental album where the delicate harmonica of Hidetoshi Kawanaka plays a free melody.

"Morning Rain" with a delicate harmonica that exudes breath gently to the delicate guitar of Katsuhiko SatoHidetoshi Kawanaka playing free melody on Nishimura Hero's extraordinary groove feeling harmonicaPhrasing is a unique and beautiful sound world.

Hidetoshi Kawanaka

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Hero Nishimura

Katsuhiko Sato