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An acoustic album produced by NDARICCA using only guitars and songs (sometimes pianica).

Recording a song that was never made into a sound source, even though it was well-received in the live performance of narration, recorded at 2020 'Stay Home'.

An album where you can enjoy the singer-songwriter NDARICCA, which is spun with only words and melodies, which sets it apart from the conventional NDARICCA DANCE MUSIC that develops while making full use of tracks and dubs.

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iTunes Store • World TOP ALBUMS • Japan • TOP 4 • 12 Jun 2020

Artist Profile


    September 18, Osaka birth. Virgo. Type A. Vocal & guitar. In 2006, I am active as solo singer, east wisteria Rika and start after the achievement as cherry mom, Osaka rhapsody, THE FILM, a vocalist of FILM ACO.FLAME. 2008, 1st solo album "hanauta Rhythm" release. I change my name from letting firm own nucleus fuse with world music to devote itself to, and producing new ethnicity to NDARICCA in a concept in 2012 and start. While I strum a banyan tree on a danceable sound track with the ethnic that took in nuances such as reggae, an African, the cumbia rhythmically and develop one dance music by song and LIVE performance to give it off phantasmagorically while making full use of an effect by oneself, and to roll up.   2013 "corexotica" (maxi single) 2016 "ndariccaNation" (maxi single) 2018 "ethno ism" (2nd album) 2020"ROUGH GUITAR AND TOUGH SONG"(Acoustic album) Release.

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