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Atopy song (2023) [Rerecording]

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Satoshi Suzuki's 2nd album "Atopy song" was finally released after 9 months of production. Most of the songs have a dark and gloomy atmosphere, and the content is strangely misanthropic. Furthermore, paying attention to the lyrics, the words "death, illness, cremation, Buddhist altar" are scattered, and listeners who are expecting a bright and pop side like the previous work may be overwhelmed. However, in this work, I can feel the painful cry of a human being named Satoshi Suzuki, which I could not have before. In particular, the title song "Atopy song" is based on the theme of his chronic illness, and is probably the first song in the world to have "atopic dermatitis." There are some songs that use the Akita dialect of the hometown and songs with a novel composition, and there is also an attitude to challenge musically like this, so this work may be a touchstone as a musician Satoshi Suzuki. Isn't it? If you listen to this album on a pitch-black night, we may find something important.

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Atopy song

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