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  • E.V.P

    E.V.P : Born on December 26th , 1999. Both lived in Japan and the Philippines. A next-generation multilingual female rapper who is fluent in English, Japanese, Tagalog, and other languages. She has loved listening to music and singing since she was in elementary school, and gradually got hooked on hip-hop when She was able to memorize and rap to the songs of popular American female rapper Nicki Minaj, who was a big hit at that time. Meanwhile, in her personal life, her father, an English teacher, moved from the Philippines to Japan when she was one year old, which led to frequent visits to Japan herself , and the family settled in Japan when she graduated from elementary school. While being bullied and harassed at school due to her inability to speak Japanese well in the first few years, she began to write personal English poems about the pain, frustration, and sometimes anger she felt that she could not express to anyone, and in high school, she put them into lyrics and rhymes and tried putting her own rap music on free beats she found on the Internet for the first time. When she posted it on social networking sites, she received an unexpected response, and she began posting her own raps for the first time. She was approached by LUNA, a veteran rapper who has been active in a wide range of fields from hip-hop to entertainment for many years and has recently produced the new generation R&B singer Ashley, who saw her talent and began producing a full-fledged demo. In the meantime, she has performed under the name Evee on the song "Shake Dat Booty" by the next generation rapper Ken Francis, together with the rapstar king Eyden. Recently, she performed on newcomer Vega KfK's "Cheddar cheese" Remix with Korean rapper Hijvc, and even though she has not yet made her debut, her outstanding rap skills and overwhelming presence make her a unique talent. In 2024, she signed an official contract with JCC TOKYO, a label production company that has been producing numerous hip-hop and R&B artists, and in April, starting with her long-awaited debut song "Kobra," she overturned the concept and conventional wisdom of female rappers in the Japanese hip-hop scene.

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