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In an exciting musical collaboration, Japanese artist "BUNNY" has teamed up with Kellin Quinn (from Sleeping With Sirens) for the release of their latest single, "Lonely Together." This heartfelt song was born out of a deep connection between the two artists, as Kellin Quinn resonated with the lyrics that were inspired by BUNNY's own teenage experiences.
"Lonely Together" is a poignant composition that reaches out to those who are grappling with feelings of loneliness. With its emotional and comforting lyrics, the song aims to provide solace to individuals who may be experiencing various forms of isolation, be it racial or ethnic discrimination, social alienation, pandemic-induced seclusion, or ideological divisions prevalent in modern society. It captures those moments when one feels as if they are freezing in their own solitude.
BUNNY, who has personally encountered such struggles since their teenage years, found solace in music during those trying times. The songs of Sleeping With Sirens, in particular, played a pivotal role in saving them when they were just fifteen. Drawing from their own experiences, BUNNY penned "Lonely Together" with the intention of creating a musical offering that would allow people who feel lonely, much like they did in the past, to "share their loneliness" even if only for a fleeting moment.

This collaboration seamlessly blends the dynamic and melodic instrumental prowess of BUNNY with Kellin Quinn's emotive vocals, resulting in a perfect fusion of their respective talents. "Lonely Together" is not only a captivating musical endeavor but also a heartfelt expression of empathy and understanding for those who are navigating the depths of loneliness.
Fans and music enthusiasts alike can look forward to experiencing the powerful synergy between BUNNY and Kellin Quinn as they embark on this collaborative journey with the release of "Lonely Together."

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Lonely Together

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    The 22 year old started DJing at the young age of 17. Now in the 4th year of his music career, and within 2 months of launching into music production, his remix "BTS - Fake Love (BUNNY Remix)", uploaded to Sound Cloud, was played by Zedd at Ultra Korea 2018, and also played by Salvatore Ganacci at Spectrum Dance Music Festival . Attracting interest in the past on SNS as the "high-school student DJ", he commands a loyal following from the younger crowd---the vibe he has built up with them is like no others in his generation---while at the same time he has earned a strong reputation amongst those in the music industry. In the past the mix CDs of this high school student DJ have appeared one after the other near the top of the iTunes dance chart, while now he has embarked on a journey as a young artist bursting with the energy to take his music to the next level. Currently he is playing at ageHa as a residential DJ, witch is the largest music club in Japan.

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