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Osaka-based rapper INNOCENSE produced with young Fukuoka beatmaker TACMA.
In 2013, INNOCENSE met a photographer in a dormitory where he stayed during his solo trip to NY. The two hit it off and went to see The Roots LIVE and art at HIGH LINE, and spent many nights drinking Brooklyn Beer. Unfortunately, he passed away last year.
Rain Dance" is a song about overcoming the death of his benefactor and the difficulties that befell his life through hiphop.

Rain sometimes hides the sadness and tears one feels, and just as the air is clear and the sky clears after a squall in New York City, this song is about washing away the pain and difficulties that arise in life. The best days come after the worst days, so we can't stop. You can't give up yet. I won't fall down yet. A future to hold on to. This song is a powerful pledge to overcome the obstacles, along with a love for hiphop and a promise to fulfill it.

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    Changed his name from HIROFUMI THE INNOCENSE to INNOCENSE. He has been active in the underground scene in Hyogo, Osaka, Tokyo, and Fukuoka, and is currently based in Osaka. In 2006, he was the first grand champion of the Osaka Spoken Word Slam (OSWS). In 2013, he moved to the U.S. by himself. He is well known not only for his live performances and soundtracks, but also as a freestyle master. Lyrical depiction of scenes that appeals to the heart. His live performances, in which he continuously releases naked words filled with passionate energy, invite the audience to enter his unique worldview. As for his own works, he has released three CD albums and a 12-inch VINYL from his own SOUL EATER RECORDINGS. After participating in various compilation albums, Michita of Hokkaido completed her 3rd album produced entirely by herself, and her most recent album was released on 10/21/2021. He also completed "Late Blooming Flowers" with NARISK, a beat maker he met in Fukuoka, and released it digitally on 2022/6/29. As the latest release, he and CROWD released "WAKE UP JPN UNDERGROUND" on 2022/11/22. WAKE UP JPN UNDERGROUND" was released on 11/22/2022. Currently, he is further refining his skills as well as his humanity, and transforming them into the power of words. A survivor of the crazy underground scene.

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