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This song was written by a Japanese living in Japan, where "Rising Sun" is the sales pitch, with "Setting Sun" in mind.
It begins and ends, such is the repetitive nature of daily life, expressed in an acoustic and psychedelic performance.

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    "I'VE BEEN PUNK FOREVER" COMOONA is a Japanese artist who once worked under the names COMMUNA and MASAKI SANO. COMOONA works as a producer and recording engineer in advertising production and broadcasting on a day-to-day basis, but has also been involved in music production, whether major or indie. His activities are not limited to Japan. He produced and engineered Gumdrops, released on Alan & Diana Meltzer's early New York music label, Glass Records. And he produced and engineered the track for The Future Eve, known for their work with Robert Wyatt. COMOONA says: "I often feel somewhat empty when I work on the fringes of the entertainment industry in japan. I'm not a fan of the fact that promotional skills are prioritized over creative abilities, or that the priority is to follow up on what's already hit songs. If you search my name on Discogs, etc., you will find many works I have been involved in, but I do not want to use those to promote my future work. I want to meet listeners who happen to share the same values as I do." COMOONA is not only a track maker, but also a musician who actually performs, including vocal, guitar, bass and so on. His musical style is a very strange blend of avant-garde and pop. He also prefers an authentic, old-school sound, even when working with the latest electronic sounds. He doesn't like any particular genre or standard technique, so he is always looking for something new and new combinations. And he believes that is what "punk & art " is all about. Also, the cynical lyrics seem to be trying to accurately capture the chaos of this world, as well as being poetic and beautiful. His perspective is always on the oppressed people who are hard to see. He is not singing about dystopia, he is just singing about the reality of Japan today, as it is. As with David Bowie's lyric "Saying no but means yes," he does not want a dystopian mindset, still prefers nice guys. COMOONA was inspired to start creating music by Brian Eno, Iggy Pop and David Bowie. He also cites other artists such as Jean Cocteau and David Hockney, and scientists such as Roger Penrose and Nikola Tesla as heroes. After all, he seems to prefer people who transcend genres and types!

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