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In recent years, he has been devoted to "history".
There is a detailed perspective that approaches his own roots, and there is also a big perspective of Japan, and he goes back and forth between both.
This work is a big point of view, and it is based on a poem I drew when I walked the old Tokaido Hakone road in the Edo period.
When he took a break at Amazake Chaya, a long-established store that has been around since the Edo period, he said, "It was so delicious that I cried."
Now, with the development of transportation systems throughout Japan, walking has almost disappeared from travel.
Of course, being convenient is a good thing, but if all the standards of value move toward convenience, there will be things that will naturally disappear.
If you go to Hakone to drink amazake from the mountain pass once, your view of history may change.

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utadokoro bokurinan