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This is the first album under the solo name of Masaya Makino, who has been active as a guitarist for over 15 years with Little Museum of Bird, GUIRO, and Hei Tanaka.
Words and songs spontaneously spun when he faced his music in the midst of the birth of his family, separation from his friends, and pandemics.

Arranged to blend into the lives of listeners, the songs are performed by a variety of guests, including Reisaburo Adachi, Keitaro Kanamine, Yoko Kamihira, Haruna Yamaguchi (Dew), Ken Nishio (Sobobuki), Baku Furukawa, and many others.
For example, if I had not played guitar, started a band, or started a family, I might not have lived as gratefully as I do now.
A total of 8 songs that offer comfort and encouragement to yourself and someone else who might have been.

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  • masaya makino

    Masaya Makino Singer-songwriter and guitarist. Born in 1984 in Nagoya, Aichi, Japan, he started playing guitar at the age of 14 and had his first experience on stage at 16. He has been active in various bands and support groups such as Little Museum of Art, GUIRO, Hei Tanaka, and Haruna Yamaguchi (Dew). His voice is gentle and soothing, and her fingerpicked guitar tone is clear and transparent. In April 2021, he released his first solo EP "Good Bye," and in July 2022, he released his first solo album "the Odyssey. Father of one son and two daughters.

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