frame ~for 25 strings koto~

  1. frame ~for 25 strings koto~

"frame" is minimal music featuring Miwa Naito (13, 17 & 25-strings-kotist).

Miwa played the koto, "hit of the koto (Do)", "a sound of tighten the belt (Obi)", "a sound of rub on socks (Tabi)", voices, etc. ...... She played all instruments.

Please listen and feel the sound of Koto.
Thank you.


Shogo OKAWA is a Japanese composer. Born and raised in Adachi, Tokyo. In 2012, started SQUID of composer unit. The concept is "make every sound a music". Characteristic of the sound of SQUID are simple melody, mixture sound of acoustic and digital, sampling (life-sound, junk-instruments), etc.

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