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The third single in a series of releases by producer audiot909, a pioneer of Japanese Amapiano, is a triple collaboration with producer TOMC and Dos Monos rapper Shoko it.
For two consecutive months, audiot909 has released music with QN and CHIYORI, opening up new possibilities for Japanese and Amapiano.
This time, the collaboration partners are TOMC, an ambient artist who is highly acclaimed both in Japan and abroad, and Shoukoit, leader of the rap group Dos Monos, who has been active beyond Japan, including two European tours and a live performance in Taiwan.
This work, entitled "The Out of Africa Hypothesis," is a sublimation of both lyrics and music, based on ideas born from an exchange of ideas and ideological backgrounds, as well as shared musical favorites such as Steven Reich, Four Tet, and Shackleton. This is a work that should be called "Alternative Amapiano".
The result is an imaginary Afro-tronica sound that no one has ever heard before, with a progressive Hip Hop sound and a dance music aspect.

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The Out of Africa Hypothesis

iTunes Store • Hip-Hop/Rap TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 60 • 5 Oct 2023

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The Out of Africa Hypothesis

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  • audiot909

    Producer/DJ/writer. Originally a house DJ, he began producing South African dance music Amapiano in 2020. The single "RAT-TATTAT" released with the rapper Akko Gorilla in 2022 was taken up in a lot of major playlists of each medium, and was picked up in the documentary image "Music That Moves: Amapiano" which took up Amapiano which spreads to the world. The album was an unprecedented hit despite being an auto-release. From the summer of 2023, he released a series of collaboration songs with rappers/singers such as QN, CHIYORI, and ZoZhit, and his songs were also featured on Amapiano playlists overseas, continuing to expand the possibilities of Amapiano in Japan. In November of the same year, he released his first full album "JAPANESE AMAPIANO THE ALBUM" as the culmination of his activities. In the same year, Amapiano has also been introducing the attractiveness of Amapiano through various media such as serialization in Sound & Recording Magazine, interviews with local producers, radio appearances, and so on.

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