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Satoshi Suzuki's love for ukiyo-e prints is at its peak here.

Ever since seeing Ukiyo-e for the first time at an art museum in the fall of 2021, his passion for art has exploded in the form of "music."

If you look at the subject matter of the songs, you will find that not only ukiyo-e, but also Rinpa, Bunjinga, Shin-hanga, and a wide range of genres familiar to those who love Japanese paintings.
Basically, the focus is on individual painters, and you can see at a glance who has had a great influence on him over the past two years.

Beginning with "Doodle Book" in October last year, he has released songs with the theme of "pictures".
It is natural to regard it as a series of works, and this work is a memorable work that puts a break in that series of flows.

Through this work, we should be able to face the concept of "beauty" again.

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