Feels Like Home (feat. Chad Kowal)

  1. Feels Like Home (feat. Chad Kowal)

DJ TORA just announced his 12 continual release with the theme of the 12 Olympus Gods. The first edition is themed with "ZEUS" the God of lightning. This track is an updated version of "SIRIUS" which was first released in 2019 as APPREGGIO. A fresh dance tune featuring "Chad Kowal" who also released a song from Hardwell's record label "Revealed Recordings".

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Feels Like Home

iTunes Store • ダンス トップソング • 香港 • 5位 • 2020年12月15日 iTunes Store • ダンス トップソング • 日本 • 66位 • 2020年1月6日 iTunes Store • 総合 トップソング • 香港 • 161位 • 2020年12月15日


Producer DJ TORA is a resident DJ of ATOM TOKYO based in Shibuya Tokyo. He has performed in clubs around the world such as in Taiwan, Philippines and Hawaii and big festivals such as ULTRA JAPAN, ULTRA KOREA, ULTRA AUSTRALIA and many more. In October 2019, he successfully finished his Amsterdam Tour at the Amsterdam Dance Event 2019. He released 4 original albums and worked with world-known producers such as SWANKY TUNES, Steerner and MADFOX. In January 2020, he has featured with singers who has experiences releasing in major labels and is now working on his 13 weeks continuous release, which will be the first ever DJ in Japan to concur this goal.

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