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The AMANE TRiLL 4th Single covers "LADY PINK PANTHER" from Suzuki Shigeru's tropical and resort masterpiece "LAGOON" (76), which is also the origin of city pop guitars.

While expressing respect for the original song, this work is organically embodied by an approach that smells like Latin, which is also an aspect of the AMANE TRiLL sound, and is sharpened by the melodious harmony of male and female voices with Michiko Kanno.In addition, the co-producer will include keyboardists Kaoru Inoue (who will also support Masayoshi Takanaka, Chara, and Eikichi Yazawa), and will take a new step from the self-produced frame of the previous film.

45 years after its release, the original song is still in color. From the real generation to the young generation of Heisei and Reiwa, it has become a new work that connects people with time.

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