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KOMONO LAKE, a three-piece unit featuring music influenced by city pop, Showa-era songs and Soul/R&B, has released a new song titled "Silence."

The song is co-written by band member Kanbin and Heine, a trilingual singer-songwriters from Tokyo who is known for her lyrical contributions to Aile The Shota and iScream.

The song features a beautiful melody and sparkling synth sounds that evoke emotions of meeting and parting with new people, and the neon lights of the night, in a mixture of English and Japanese.

Also, please take note of the artwork, which was created using AI tools based on photos taken by the members of the band.

KOMONO LAKE was formed in 2021 by Taiwan-based singer Kanbin, London-based producer SKYTOPIA, formerly known as Kero Kero Bonito, and bassist Kuroji, who also performs support work for Night Tempo and others.

After the release of their first album "SUNSHOWER" in 2022, a tour of Taiwan in January 2023, and two singles, "Spring Desert" in April and "One By One" in May, this single shows a deepening of their musical expression.

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