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An exhilarating rock number "Doodle Book" that sings the thoughts of paintings. Although he stopped commissioning paintbrushes in junior high school, he started painting again around his 30th birthday, and it is said that this poem came to mind.
The reason why he suddenly started painting again will be revealed later, but let's turn our attention to the song for now.
It can be said that this is a song with very personal content, such as childhood memories and friends who showed manga to each other, but not everyone has ever worked on something without thinking about it when they were young. Uka
Even if the theme is painting, the writer thinks that the fundamental point is singing "the joy of creation".
It's a fast tempo song, but the quiet nostalgia drifting somewhere makes me feel that the coldness of autumn is even more pervasive.

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utadokoro bokurinan