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Mr. Satoshi Suzuki, who had his head gouged out by Shiko Munakata's chisel, said so about the shock he received when he saw Shiko Munakata's print.
It's not really a word to express the impression you get when you see a painting, but if you've seen Munakata prints even once, you can agree with that adjective.
Needless to say, Shiko Munakata is one of Japan's leading printmakers, and this year marks the 120th anniversary of his birth.
The influence of his background of being from Aomori and his deep faith in Buddhism are thrown into a boiling pot and expressed on woodblocks in a way that is difficult to express.
Mr. Satoshi Suzuki has recently started to use a paintbrush, and when he copies Munakata prints, he says, "I feel like I'm melting into myself," a feeling that other artists don't feel.
Maybe it's because of the same Tohoku blood that makes us feel that way.
I would like you to listen to this work, "My head was gouged out by Shiko Munakata's flea," and feel what he says.

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