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This is a Burn-in track that specializes in the Low-Mid 200~600Hz.
This frequency band includes the following sounds

Bass sounds
Low singing and speaking voices
Guitar and piano backing (accompaniment, chords) and pad sounds
Snare drums and toms
The core of brass instruments.
Cellos, violas, violins

We adjust only this bandwidth with pinpoint accuracy.
Since the other bandwidths are not affected, improvement can be expected in a short period of time.

* How to use
First, a test tone is played for 5 seconds.
Set the volume to a level that makes this tone seem a little loud. There is no need to set the volume so loud that it distorts the sound.
Once the volume setting is complete, remove the device from your ears.

* Time required
Although it varies greatly from device to device, because this sound is configured to prompt fast changes, it is not necessary to use
Headphones/earbuds often take 30 minutes to several hours to change.
The range for loudspeakers is even greater, so it is best to use a rough reference of a few hours to a few dozen hours.

* Caution
This audio is not intended to modify or repair equipment.
It is for testing and entertainment purposes only.
We are not responsible for any damage or injury caused by the use of the audio.

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Pro Burn-in track - Improvement of Low-Mid Freq.

Apple Music • Instrumental Top Songs • Hungary • TOP 8 • 16 Dec 2022 iTunes Store • Instrumental TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 19 • 19 Jan 2023 Apple Music • Instrumental Top Songs • Turkey • TOP 59 • 19 May 2023

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