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In 1997, when Tsutomu Aoki appeared on Yomiuri TV's "Shinbashi Music Hall" "Find a Street Musician", He sang this song playing the guitar. The song was performed for the first time at that time. The program was filmed at Komazawa Park, hosted by Yusuke Nakamura (later changed to "Yusuke Santamaria" and broke). On air, in addition to Yusuke Nakamura, regular performers Takeshi Kitano and Tortoise Matsumoto, as well as guests Magokoro Brothers also appeared. Auditions were held in the program to select hidden talents from various genres every week, and those who passed were given the right to participate in a special event held at Yomiuri Land EAST the following year.This "Valentine Banka" received high praise from YO-KING of Magokoro Brothers, and Tsutomu Aoki passed the audition. and qualified for the event. However, the TV program project was canceled halfway through.
Although it was a disappointing ending, Tsutomu Aoki's motivation for music, who was devoted to horse racing and was training to become a professional gambler at the time, was rekindled by his appearance on this program. In 1999, he formed the three-piece unit CanPain and launched the private label CanPain Records. In 2001, the first release was the EP "Tsutomu Aoki Vol.1" containing three songs. One of the recorded songs was this "Valentine Banka". For this digital release, the same vocal tracks as the EP version (Live house PA recorded guitar playing and singing on a cassette tape recorder at the time of LIVE appearance in 1998) were newly re-masterd for this release.

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  • Tsutomu Aoki

    Tsutomu Aoki was a singer-songwriter who played the piano from 1990 to 1992. . He also played the guitar. There were times when I sang with a handheld microphone while controlling MIDI sound sources with a sequencer. Live houses such as Ekoda Marquee, Yotsuya Kotan, Kamiuma Gasoline Alley, and Yutenji Miyaji have performed. His favorite equipment is Rolland RD-300, KORG 01/W, Rolland MC-500, YAMAHA RX15, Rolland MT-32, Rolland D-110, Rollland U-110, Rolland R-8, etc.

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