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Yoga of Dreams -Yoga Nidra No.1-

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Release your mind, that is recuperate your own lights in yourself

YOGA NIDRA is one of the meditation methods, and it is known as an ultimate way of relaxation.
Concentrating on sounds in this Album invites you to ultimate relaxation mode by interacting subconscious awareness. Several layers of sound harmony inspire you to open your body and mind, tension and fatigue that can't be relieved only by sleep will be disappeared, and your daily performance will be improved.

Let comfortable sounds vibration lead you, and let your body and mind relax.
Deep relaxation reduces distracting thoughts, and generates the power of getting inspiration, idea, and creativeness. And you can feel the sense of "Be Here Now".
When your mind is filled with inner peace, you will recuperate your own lights and shine, the beautiful vibrations resonate around, and it will show you a new world.
This music is perfect choice for YOGA, Meditation, Relaxation, Mindfulness, Good quality sleep, and Breathing.

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Apple Music • Yoga Top Songs • Japan • TOP 38

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Yoga of Dreams -Yoga Nidra No.1-

iTunes Store • New Age TOP ALBUMS • Canada • TOP 11 • 18 Sep 2019 Apple Music • New Age Top Albums • Japan • TOP 108 • 28 Mar 2021

Dream Body

iTunes Store • New Age TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 17 • 29 Oct 2019

Artist Profile

  • Shinji Chiura

    Born in Izumo city, Shimane prefecture, Japan. He got involved with performing art in Tokyo, and studied composite art. After studying performing art (dance, art, music) in N.Y., he moved his base to Washington. Through personal spiritual experiences, he got inspiration from natural wisdom, and was awaken to New Age Music. After coming back to Japan in 1986, he started visual/sound design. He deepened spiritual communion with nature in the studio at the bottom of Yatsugatake mountain, and established ANPAO label. One of his album [YOGA of Dreams-YOGA NIDRA 1]became a bestseller, and it is widely used by many YOGA studio. Since then, he is producing therapeutic healing music, and known as leading authority of New Age healing music in Japan. He has many fans in Japan, and established reputation for his exquisite and very detailed work of songwriting.

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