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This album was produced with traditional Japanese instrumentalists. The album focuses on the sounds of Japanese instruments and electronic sounds.
The two guest musicians for this album are "HIDE x HIDE. Hideki Ishigaki is in charge of Shakuhachi and Hideki Onoue plays Chūzao Shamisen. Music composed by Junichi Wakimaru for this duo is used as material. A total of eight songs are included in the album.
Please enjoy the collaboration of traditional instruments and electronic sounds.

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Wagakki Electronica

iTunes Store • Instrumental TOP ALBUMS • Japan • TOP 1 • 29 Mar 2023

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  • Junichi Wakimaru

    Junichi Wakimaru (Composer, Pianist) In 2011, Junichi Wakimaru launched his first collection on CD recording "Piano Music & Chamber Music" - with the album he started his professional career as composer of chamber music, also playing the piano on stage, mainly with other instrumentalists of Japanese traditional music. His compositions are characteristic in the modal writing: through the modes, des themes appear repeatedly, or generate its variations which start their own developments freely, resulting in his characteristic palette of tone colours, as well as in particular timbres like pre-baroque early music or in Oriental atmosphere, with all of these he developed his own style, well rooted in post-minimalistic and ambient movements.

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