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Rudebwoy FaceのHot GyalがギャリスのHot Gyal賛歌だとすれば、
AKANEのBcuz of YouはHot Gyalの真のAnswerと言えるだろう。

Rudebwoy Faceと同オケAKANEがTuneをDrop。その演出がとてつもなくdancehallっぽくて嬉しくなってしまう。Rudebwoy Faceのイントロの「Come Over」に対して簡単についていくのではなく、「Come to see me baby sooner sooner」…会いたかったら今すぐ来てよ、というサビ。「tea packよりT -back」のリリックサンプリング。
そして「一度はスルーして意地悪してみる im sorry」という彼女らしいnot easy感が心地良い。
「Bcuz of You」は言うまでもなくGyalサイドの意見なのだが、ただのAnswerではない。今までのAttitude高めなHot Gyal Anthemとは別モノなのである。
storyが展開されていくと、彼女の本音も見えてくる。「今夜のためにset up」という可愛らしい部分がチラリと垣間見え、実は「駆け引きの裏に隠れるもう一人」の彼女は「I dont wanna get hurt anymore」恋に臆病だったという真実。だけど「誰でもない君のせいで」今この恋に身を委ねているのではないだろうか。

魅力的でマニアックなHot Gyalたちにも、本当はこんな気持ちがあったりするかも…と思わせるあたり、普通じゃないな、ヤバいなと感じるし、やっぱりAKANEはnot easyなんだよなぁと思ってしまうのである。

Written By BadGyalMarie

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Bcus of You

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Bcus of You

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  • Akane

    Akane is one of a few female Reggae dancehall singers based in Japan. She has been performing throughout Japan over 10 years with her original style of the combination of singer and deejay style. Released 1st major debut solo album called "Expression" and released 2nd album called "Straighter" with concept of dancehall from different prospectives in following year. Touring all over the Japan and her first solo live was a big success. Not only in Japan, but her works reached in Jamaica and released songs called "Hold me" featuring Busy Signal has been playing on the radio in Jamaica such as, Irie FM, Zip FM and etc. Her 3rd album called "D" also made the strong impression in overseas from the songs she did with Jamaican producers. In 2012, she has moved the label called Magnum Records which is the Japanese Genius Deejay Rudebwoy Face's label for another challenge and dropped 2 singles [Life goes on] and [Rude Gyal] which took first place in Japanese Reggae iTunes, Akane is ready for 2022!!

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