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"This summer, with the first single ""sea bird"" released in 10 months, the alternative band ""xiexie"" from Tokyo opened a new door, appeared on the FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL'22/ROOKIE A GO GO stage, and entered the new phase three years after its formation."
"The cute and cynical music video was impressive, too, and she made her debut in 2020 with ""dada."""
Up until now, she has performed energetic live activities and released a single, mainly in Shimokitazawa.
Vocalist Miai's dreamy singing voice and unique alternative guitar sound have captivated many music fans.

And this fall, xiexie's season 2 started, where the experience and new imagination gained from her live performance since her debut.
"The 2nd EP ""33"" of all 5 songs, including the pre-released ""sea bird"" in July, has finally been completed."Delivery release on Wednesday, September 21st has been decided.

With Mr. Hyuga Kashiwai (Bigfish Sounds), an engineer who also works on works such as KIRINJI, the HIATUS, and SHISHAMO, we aim to create a new xiexie sound that combines the bedroom recordings and studio recordings.
From more advanced guitar pop, dream pop, garage, psychedelic and chillout xiexie-like songs to dance tunes that BROTHER SUN SISTER MOON participated in, the content has become colorful.
According to vocalist Meari,
"It's been three years since we formed it.We started with the Corona disaster and have been working on a home recording for a long time, but this year we finally made a mini album that we recorded in the studio.I made a great EP.It feels like swimming in a different space-time than before, so please enjoy swimming together.I will continue to work hard for the space squadron!"
Thus, this new EP "33" has been completed to make you feel the new world of xiexie.

2nd EP "33"
Situation.Tokyo / NF Recordings
Produced , Arranged & All Songs Written by xiexie
except M2 : Synthesizer & Programming by
Recorded & Mixed by Hyuga Kashiwai at Bigfish Sounds
Mastered by ZETTON at StudioLb12
Cover Art Work & Photograph by MOTO
Stylist : Ayami Takahashi
Costume cooperation : L'ANIT

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Situation.Tokyo / NF Recordings