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We Love Mölkky
Lyrics and composition: Chiyo Kaiga
Arrangement & Performance: Seeds of Earth

The song was born from the simple question "What is Mölkky?" when I first heard the word "Mölkky". Kawanishi City, Hyogo Prefecture, is now becoming famous as the "Sacred place of Mölkky". "We Love Mölkky" was born as the theme song of Mölkky by the encounter between "Kawanishi Mölkky Club" which are working to spread the fun of Mölkky and the band named Music of the Plants "Seeds of Earth". Once you listen to it, you will never forget it, and you will hum it . It became a song that is familiar to many people.

Mölkky is a traditional sport that originated in Finland. It is a competition in which a wooden stick called "Molkky" is thrown and a wooden pin with a number 1 to 12 called "Skittle" is defeated. The total number of fallen pins, or if only one falls, that number will be the score, and the goal will be a total of 50 points! However, the rule is that if you exceed that, the score will return to 25 points. Such a rule commentary was included in the song as it is. A sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, regardless of age or gender, in a sport that activates mentally and physically in a well-balanced manner. The atmosphere, that everybody feels the warmth of the wood, all players raise the fallen sticks together, is nice to be able to enjoy warm feelings.

Further, for the people who want to more seriously engage in sports competitions, go to regional competitions, national competitions, and world competitions! Through Mölkky, the connection between people could expand.

Somewhere today, with a didgeridoo signal, "Mölkky will start!"

Guest Musicians:
Hiroshi Naka (Didgeridoo)
Yui Fujimori (Vocal)

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  • Seeds of Earth

    Music of the Plants "Seeds of Earth" released 1st Album [A Gift from the Forest] !! Piano & Vocal Chiyo Kaiga African Djembe & Vocal Kackey@dabigtree Let's listen to the voice of the earth... Profile: Music of the Plants "Seeds of Earth" The plant music unit "Seed of Earth", formed in the fall of 2017, is a duo of piano & vocal Chiyo Kaiga, African djembe & vocal Kackey@dabigtree (known as his nickname "Kackey"). Each is a singer-songwriter who combines European-born pianos, African drums and mixed vocals to create music from the inspiration felt by all things in the world. They are also good at improvising to create music on the spot, using the device of Music of the Plants called "Bamboo" developed in northern Italy, and they do session with the music of the plants as if talking with them. Based in Kansai area of Japan, they have been performing at various places in Japan and overseas, including performances at shrines and temples such as Izanagi Jingu Shrine and Todaiji Temple, etc.

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