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QPLO is a duo who explores music that transcends time and borders with the theme of "sound travel music". QPLO released the 1st EP "Spaceship" in April 2020, and then arrived at "a planet". The 2nd EP "Parallel Voyage!", Which will be released in November, is a "planetary travelogue" created based on the surreal experience of two people traveling the planet. It contains 6 songs featuring TaiTan from the hip-hop group "Dos Monos" and Akatsuka from "South Penguin" as feat. Artists. This song, which will be released as a single to the EP, spells a feast at "Shining Fog Bar", a bar surrounded by shining fog that they found at the end of the trip, and its dance number with TaiTan of "Dos Monos" in feat.

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Shining Fog Bar

Apple Music • House Top Songs • Japan • TOP 85 • 16 Oct 2020 Apple Music • House Top Songs • Taiwan • TOP 142 • 8 Sep 2022

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Shining Fog Bar

Spotify • キラキラポップ:ジャパン • 20 Oct 2020 Spotify • Monday Spin • 19 Oct 2020

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