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Three musicians, TOMC, Gimgigam, and MON/KU, who have been rapidly gaining attention in recent years, have miraculously collaborated. The result is an unexpected, ultra-aggressive rock/post-punk tune.

Each of the three musicians is active in a variety of genres such as beat, ambient, city pop, and experimental, and they have created a buzz both in Japan and abroad.
For this album, TOMC was in charge of conception, artwork, rhythm/bass tracks, and chorus, while Gimgigam layered solid post-punk-inspired guitars, and MON/KU added florid, incendiary vocals and edits to the final product.

The result is an "atypical rock anthem" unlike any of the three musicians. This is a killer tune recommended not only to fans of 80's/2000's post-punk, but also to listeners drawn to recent bands like Molchat Doma and Måneskin.

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Artist Profile

  • TOMC

    Beat & Ambient producer. He has released works on labels such as Inner Ocean Records in Canada and Local Visions in Japan. He has been expanding the listenership base both in Japan and abroad. Since 2020, his EP "Lunar Maria" has been #1 on the iTunes Japan chart and "Stories & Studies" has been #2. Since 2022, several songs including "Honesty (feat. arcomoon)" have been ranked on the Apple Music U.S. chart. His latest album, "True Life," released in 2023, has been called "the Nujabes 'Modal Soul' of the 2020s," and was selected as one of the best albums of the year by the music media Small Music, among others. In recent years, he has joined Stone Music, a collective of improvisers formed by Tokio Hasegawa (Taj Mahal Travelers). He also has a long career as a DJ of house, disco, and R&B music, and is active outside the boundaries of the music scene. With his extensive knowledge of both major and minor music, he contributes to web media such as Cyzo and Mikiki, as well as to record stores such as Kankyo Records and Disk Union. He has also made numerous media appearances, including on J-WAVE, Tokyo's largest radio station.

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  • Gimgigam

    東京在住の音楽プロデューサー。16歳の時、父親に勧められて聴いたLed Zeppelinに影響を受けギターを始める。高校時代から作曲を始め、バンド活動に勤しむがバンドの解散を機にソロでの活動を開始。ファンク、ハウス、民族音楽、ロック、R&B、レゲエなど様々なジャンルを取り入れており、2021年11月にサウンドプロデュースを手掛けた Tina Moon「Chicken Street」は各方面で評価されるなど、今非常に注目を集めている。

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  • MON/KU

    2018年12月より作曲活動を開始。翌年1月に初制作の楽曲 “ S I N K “ をSoundCloudにて公開。同時期、似た経緯で突如インターネット上に現れた 浦上・ケビン・ファミリー(現 浦上・想起)、松木美定らと共に界隈のポップス好きの間で話題となる。音楽経歴なし・楽器は全く弾けず、イメージのみで作曲し、DAWにて楽曲を制作する。カテゴライズ不能な彼の楽曲は、強いて言うなら、Electronic MusicをフォーマットとしたExperimentalなAvant Pop、Dark Popと言えるであろう。影響を受けたアーチストとして、RADIOHEAD、björk、James Blake、Sigur Rós、Bon Iver、Mogwai などを挙げている。

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