Noises Out of Space

  1. Corona Dance
  2. Woman Walking in Wild Wind
  3. The Distraction (Instrumental)
  4. George in Sand (Instrumental)
  5. Good Morning, George (Instrumental)
  6. Meet the Invaders
  7. Planet Maitraies (Instrumental)
  8. Warui Aliens

Here we have a KADATH's new third album "Noises out of space" ("Isekai Kara No Oto" in Japanese) which
have eight tunes. Three years have past since the latest album "the band of purgatory" was released. New
album has a concept of "cosmic", and the vivid sound than past albums, with using mechanical or humanized
voices in some tunes. Of course, the album contains some tunes as "Corona Dance" or "The Distructions" with
poly-rhythms or unusual beat as past works.

The tunes of this album are as follows:
1 Corona Dance.2 Womsn Walking in Wild Wind.3 The Distructions.4 George in Sand.5 Good Mornig, George.6 Meet the Invaders.7 Planet Maitraies.8 Warui Aliens


KADATH ,mainly planned by Hiromi Sugawara who plays guitars and compose almost tunes, started it's activity in 2009. "KADATH" is named by Sugawara, that is a imaginary place from the novel "The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath" written by H. P. Lovecraft. Latest album of this band "The Band of Purgatory"("Rengoku Gakudan" in Japanese) got the greatful praise from the listeners of progressive rock music in Japan and in Europe. In Poland, special programme about "The Band of Purgatory" was broadcasted on radio. In France, "Koid9" of rock magazine put on the review of that album. In addition, the band performed on "Prog Tokyo", the festival of progressive rock music, in 2018, and in this year(2019), the band catch the chance of joining the event since last year. The members of the band are as follows: Hiromi Sugawara:Guitars, programming and music Taiji Yagi:Basses and vocals Takashi "Hatasu" Itoh:Drums Koji Ishii:Keyboards, stick, saxophones, vocals, music and lyrics

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