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A new story will be told from the golden era of 1982 and 1987, which produced some of the best MCs of all time. YUKSTA-ILL (1982) and MUTA (1987) are both loved for their skill and style in the field, and anyone who doesn't know them in the underground can say they're moles. they proclaim to the world. By spitting out the outlook of each of the 16. And we will connect. The vision that emerges when 64 ends will connect generations, regions, and gaps to the future.
The track was handled by IRONSTONE, the mix and master were handled by MET as MTHA2, and the jacket photo was taken by TEPPEI HORI.

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    RAPPER who lives in Suzuka City, Mie Prefecture and represents the area. He learns RAP from basketball culture, SHAQ, and above all, learns HIP HOP from ALLEN IVERSON. "I couldn't stand RAPPER's lame live performance that I saw at the club, so I jacked the mic." "The demos produced by the group B-ZIK in the early days of their activities were being distributed freely within Suzuka Tower Records." Without forgetting his impulse, he devotes himself to the study of his skills, pursuit of expression, and self-promotion every day. In the latter half of the 2000s, he won the UMB Nagoya qualifying round twice, and after a long period of silence and deliberation, he will be allowed to participate in MC battles from the end of 2022. He holds an open MIC party called "AMAZON JUNGLE PARADISE" locally on weekdays. The HARD CORE HIP HOP MOVEMENT created by TYRANT, a group of locals who call themselves ``RACOON CITY'', has created a region called NEO TOKAI. Known as the most important MC and original member of RC SLUM, which reigns at the top. In 2009, he released a MIX CD titled "ADDICTIONARY" with ATOSONE, the president of RC SLUM. In 2011, P-VINE, WDsounds and RC SLUM teamed up to release their first album "QUESTIONABLE THOUGHT". We will extend that thought and action into the future. In 2013, GRADIS NICE, 16FLIP, ONE-LAW, BUSHMIND, KID FRESINO, PUNPEE and the showdown EP "TOKYO ILL METHOD" with truck makers representing Tokyo was released. Show off the certainty of YUKSTA-ILL's RAP. After the monster posse albums "WHO WANNA RAP" and "WHO WANNA RAP 2" by SLUM RC where the storm of NEO TOKAI blew, in 2017 the 2nd album "NEO TOKAI ON THE LINE", In 2019, the 3rd album "DEFY" was released from P-VINE and RC SLUM. Ascend to greater heights. OWLBEATS and MASS-HOLE will go on national tours, learn about the world, and update themselves. His absolute confidence in RAP makes it possible to select tracks, and over time, aesthetics and playfulness are woven into them. Released the single "82S/SOUNDTRACK" in 2020 as a member of the 1982 FINEST collective "1982S" with ISSUGI, Senninsho, Mr.PUG, YAHIKO, and MASS-HOLE. Released "BANNED FROM FLAG EP" and "BANNED FROM FLAG EP2" in 2020 in the midst of the corona disaster that covered the world. A rapper is an existence that always lights up the light of hope. In 2021, he will release 7-inch "TORCH / BLACK MAMBA REMIX" dedicated to RAMZA and the late KOBE BRYANT, who are both recognized basketball freaks, and will be featured in the NBA information magazine "Dunk Shoot". Furthermore, the same tag released the single "FAR EAST HOOP DREAM". It is a song that will remain in the history of HIP HOP and basketball, with the feeling of B.LEAGUE.

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  • MUTA

    RAPPER from Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture. Launch of HIPHOP CREW JUMANJI to represent the city A person and a member. When he was in junior high school, he learned about Japanese rap and became a fan. When he was in high school, Miliyah Kato, who was one year younger than him in the same high school, He was shocked to hear that he was releasing mic relay songs with BUDDHABLAND, TWIGY, etc. At that time he started his music career from the street. From the late 2000s to the early 2010s, he was a member of Young Drunker/FIVESTAR RECORDS. He has left many footprints in the scene centered around Tokyo. STUTS was still unknown at the time. He left behind numerous songs with artists such as Fla$hBackS and JJJ, and was the only one to feature on the album under the legendary name Fla$hBackS. Participate. However, his individual activities did not receive as much attention as they did, and his work as Young Drunker/FIVESTAR RECORDS also disbanded and suffered a setback. In 2016, he formed JUMANJI with my local childhood friends in order to rebuild his HIPHOP from scratch. His friends readily agreed. After that, he moved to Southeast Asia and Thailand for three and a half years to reconsider his lifestyle. he returned to Japan with the release of JUMANJI's 1st ALBUM, DAWN. After returning to Japan, he became active in his solo activities, and in 2023 he released the single BABY to celebrate the birth of his first child. LADY feat.MFS (pro.JJJ) is released. The real thing will not abandon him. Currently based in central Tokyo, he produces new songs while performing on over 30 stages a year. continuing

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