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A multi-genre song based on Caccini's "Ave Maria" mixed with cinematic, classical, Spanish and EDM elements. The theme is guilt about what humans have done to the earth, sung emotionally and powerfully in Spanish.

Composer/pianist MASATO created a work with two artists during the Covid-19 pandemic: Spanish singer-songwriter Carlos Moratalla, who MASATO cast and produced online through a crowdsourcing site, and a Japanese soprano in Nikikai, Japan's best-known opera organization. The singers participated without meeting in person.

Composed, arranged, produced, performed by MASATO (Masato Tani)
Spanish lyrics, vocal, guitar & sound engineering by Carlos Moratalla
Vocal by Rumi Kitahara

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    Music creator - composer, producer, pianist and art director. Based in Tokyo, Japan. Graduated from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies and joined an international advertising agency. Restarted the classic piano after a long blank while working in the company and won several piano competitions and became a top amateur. Retired due to health problems after 12 years and won First Prize at Amateur Piano Competition in Paris in 2000 and was scouted as a professional pianist. Now a seasoned classical performer, he has since branched out as well into music composition and arrangement for singers, commercials and stages, creating music based on classical themes in various genres covering POP, R&B, funk, jazz, and EDM. He is also active in graphic and video production.

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