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Two of Japan's R&B queens have dropped a new song! EMI MARIA's highly anticipated single "Right Now ft. JASMINE" has finally been released! It's unthinkable to talk about the history of Japanese R&B without mentioning these two. In the 2010s, they emerged as prominent newcomers in the club scene and made major debuts, solidifying their positions as powerhouse artists in Japan's R&B scene.
As a longtime fan of black music who has followed Japan's hip-hop/R&B scene for years (the author), listening to recent J-R&B playlists is incredibly gratifying, as there's been a surge in Japanese R&B artists with vocals that rival those from overseas scenes. Of course, there are artists who have significantly contributed to nurturing the culture of J-R&B and shaping it to where it is today. These two will undoubtedly be counted among them. If you're a true R&B fan, you should be captivated right from the intro. The deliberate resemblance to Brandy & Monica's "The Boy Is Mine" in the intro is unmistakable. Among the numerous R&B duets, "The Boy Is Mine" stood out as a collaboration between the hottest female artists of the time in the R&B scene. EMI MARIA and JASMINE, who grew up listening to this song, pay homage to 90s R&B while effortlessly mastering the formats of recent R&B. Their outstanding vocal abilities, coupled with their agility in navigating between eras, enhance their charm. EMI MARIA's verse, which uses basketball game metaphors, is further accentuated by her unique and composed vocals. Then, as the incredibly catchy chorus concludes, JASMINE takes the baton and elevates the song with her essence and overwhelming vocal prowess. While the quality of the production is undoubtedly high, what truly stands out is the mutual respect between EMI MARIA and JASMINE that can be felt throughout the song. As comrades who have traversed the same era, they resonate with each other, and their love for R&B shines through in this piece, making it a must-listen for J-R&B fans around the world, right now!

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