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Around an Eastern Japan great earthquake, Yo Saito wrote the original piece of music to which she say "Someone is put on a Gaia's big wing, to find a dropped key, went to a space bottom to look for it." The music which improved cord progress of a music by Hajime Miyamoto of an arranging song, requested re-writing the words from Ryu Miyamoto (name Dew a singer by Hajime's eldest son) and collaborated to produce it by 3 people. The primitive version is completed in 2018, the vocalist is songwriter himself by the beautiful poetry and composer plays herself by harp performance.

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  • Yo Saito

    Yo SAITO Born in Yokohama, to parents who were both musicians. She began playing the harp at age 14. 
Studied harp at Tokyo University of the Arts and Conservatoire de Lausanne. 
2nd prize winner of Japan Harp Competition. Yo is doing composition and arrangement by herself from 1997, CD albums of the whole self-composition was published from major labels. In "ONE OK ROCK with Orchestra Japan Tour 2018", she was in charge of the harpist of Udai Shika's Orch. She is passionate about promoting harp music. Associate member of JASRAC.

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  • Ryu Miyamoto

    Ryu Miyamoto Interested in singing from an early age, entered elementary school attached to Kunitachi College of Music. She grew up under the great influence of Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder, and graduated from Showa University of Music Popular Vocal Course. Ryu Miyamoto currently performs live with elements such as Jazz, R & B, He is also engaged in activities such as lyric low songs for Yamazaki Ikusaburo, B1A4, etc., and chorus participation. His father is a composer and keyboardist Hajime Miyamoto, his mother is a composer Anri Miyamoto, and his maternal grandfather is a composer Hideo Kobayashi, known for such songs as "Karamatsu", a thoroughbred from a musical family.

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