Akai Ookina Tsuki No Yoru (Rearrange ver.) Front Cover

Akai Ookina Tsuki No Yoru (Rearrange ver.)

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These two songs are rearranged versions that were first performed at the solo one-man show "Zanshin" in September 2023, and they are themed around "farewell," "akai ookina tsuki no yoru (Red Big Moon Night) (Rearranged ver.)" portrays the emotions as one resolves to part ways, carried by a gentle melody. On the other hand, "koi no kanata ni (Beyond the Love) (Rearranged ver.)" depicts the confusion when that parting comes suddenly. Symbolizing the moon they both viewed, the songs express the feelings of both, the one bidding farewell and the one being bid farewell to, on the same timeline.

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