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M1 "Pandora no Hako" is a death metal number with thrash, breakdown, lots of death voices and emotional melodies. M2 "Bloody Chaos" is a heavy riff with a Nu Metal groove, a beat that changes from 4-beat to shuffle to 2-beat, and bold synth sounds. M3 "Hyakuyume Monogatari" is a melodic metalcore with a screamo feel, featuring a quiet intro that pulls on the heartstrings, a riff that chops and chops, and emotional vocals. This EP contains those three songs.

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Bloody Chaos

iTunes Store • Metal TOP SONGS • Czech Republic • TOP 7 • 15 Nov 2023 iTunes Store • Rock TOP SONGS • Czech Republic • TOP 9 • 15 Nov 2023 iTunes Store • All Categories TOP SONGS • Czech Republic • TOP 52 • 15 Nov 2023

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Spotify • 君が生きてなくてよかった • 9 Apr 2022

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