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A song performed on a handmade instrument with a sense of unknown nationality, which is the only one in the world, that looks at "life" and "existence".
This instrument by Mr. Hanamura, who is said to be a legendary musical instrument craftsman, was named Hoshimaru, and it was the first song that came out while playing the instrument.
It was unusually made at the end of the song, and the melody itself was made quite a while ago. I've added lyrics a few times, but this is the newest lyric right now.
I used to sing with a normal acoustic guitar, but now I think that this instrument matches me in the end. By the way, this instrument is an irregular guitar with an interesting sound with a 12-string instrument that you hold down and play three at a time? Such a unique instrument.
The voices of the birds in the second half are the voices of wild birds that I recorded when I traveled to India before.

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