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The song "39-40" was made by the vocalist of Delicious Grapefruits Moon, Chie Hamasaki, then edited by two famous Japanese bassists: Keitaro Kanamine, who globally supports major artists such as Minyo Crusaders, Yuta Orisaka, Salyu, and Ryozo Oobayashi who is a member of SNABAGUN as well as RYOZO BAND.

This song was arranged by Ryozo Oobayashi with a dynamically different method from the ones used in their previous songs, mixing vintage sounds and POP tastes. Dynamic sampling reminiscent of the 90s also added full of playful sounds to the song.

This song was created during the period when she turned from 39 to 40, which would be a major milestone for many females.
The theme of the lyrics is about the daily stress and unutterable cobwebs of the same age-group females, which may not have been felt as such when they were in their 10s or 20s.

As the last generation who saw the 8 cm single compact disc (CD), which used to be the most popular style to release songs, the illustration on the jacket expresses the one on the 8 cm single CD which was listened to by her at the time.

~ Comment from Ryozo Oobayashi ~
I tried to arrange the song so listeners could feel cheerful and positive impressions of Delicious Grapefruit Moon. By utilizing the vintage sounds, which let the listener feel the sounds of excellent mellotron and prophet while introducing the various tricks, the unique track was created.
POP song yet bursting with exhilaration, Funkiness, and Joy, this is it!!!
Please check it out!! funk!!

Delicious Grapefruits Moon is a musical unit based in the Yokohama and Shonan area of Japan. It has been progressing its music carrier with a theme of "Deep breathing music in between mother nature and urban life" while touring Okinawa, Amami Oshima, and Thailand (Acted on the Shambhala Music Festival 2020).

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  • Delicious Grapefruits Moon

    Delicious Grapefruits Moon is a music duo. Chie Hamasaki singer songwriter based in Yokohama, Guitarist Seiji Yano. Extracting music styles from Indie Rock, Jazz, Hip Hop to Pop sounds. "Taking deep breaths in between nature and urban life though music" is their theme. 2022 April, performed at JAZZ AUDITORIA ONLINE2022 (Event Organization by BLUE NOTE JAPAN) August, released their 5th Single "39-40" doubled produced by members of Minyo crusaders Keitarou Kanamine and SANABAGUN. Ryozo Obayashi. 2020, 2023 toured Thailand, performed at Bangkok,Chiang Mai,Chiang Dao and made an appearance at Shambhala Music Festival. After returning back to Japan, performed at Music Lane Okinawa 2023. Expanding their music not only in Japan but also overseas. 2023, released "in Me" through Chiang Mai, Minimal Records.

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