Knit Cap Theater "Fudarakutokaiki" Original Soundtrack Front Cover

Knit Cap Theater "Fudarakutokaiki" Original Soundtrack

kita kouhei & takayama naoko

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Original soundtrack of "Fudarakutokaiki" by the theater company "Knit Cap Theater" in Kyoto.

Fudaraku Pure Land, where Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva resides in the distant South Seas. Once upon a time, there were believers who crossed the sea with only a small amount of food on a rough ship.

Based on Yasushi Inoue's novel of the same name based on this historical fact, "Fudarakutokaiki" is a spectacular spectacle written by Mr. Gomanohae.

A theater world created by imagination through the first co-production of Mr. Gomanohae and Ms. Moe Nakatani and collaboration with sound artist Kita Kouhei.

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Knit Cap Theater "Fudarakutokaiki" Original Soundtrack

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Artist Profile

  • kita kouhei

    kita kouhei composition, arrangement, percussion, arraymbira, kalimba, videowork, artwork, etc. a self-paced cat fanatic Kita Kouhei is making based in Kyoto, Japan. He is a professional percussionist, also performer of ArrayMbira, a rare instrument in the world. His all works expresses these versatile skills and talent as a musician. Also just as like the artwork of all album which he made by himself, his compositions are like abstract paintings with beautiful tones made up of collages of daily sounds, noise and nature sounds, with rich textures.

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    kita kouheiの他のリリース
  • Takayama Naoko

    takayama naoko - vocals, lyrics. a bit of a wild child with a silly and clumsy side. A singer and lyricist based in Kyoto, Japan. Rooted in a childhood love of movies and movie soundtracks, Naoko cites a variety of Western music influences including pop, R&B ,and jazz. Through art, she expresses connections between emotion, music, and scenery. In 2006, she made her debut through major record label BMG JAPAN (currently Sony Music) as one half of the vocal piano unit "Fonogenico". In 2010, she made her second major debut from POLYSTAR RECORDS with her solo project "carneiro", which received critical acclaim for its scenic lyricism and Naoko's soft yet powerful "pop singer sound" against a sophisticated backtrack. Currently, in addition to the solo name "carneiro", she regularly releases works as an ambient pop project "coconoe". They also collaborates with film and painting. Naoko has released 8 original CDs (including her duo and solo projects) and has worked on various collaborations, including providing a track for the ending theme of a TV program.

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