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The first Dune YOGA Meditation created in collaboration with Mr. Yoriko Ishitani, the representative of the dunes YOGA, who miraculously connected via the Internet during the stay home in the spring of 2020!!

As the name suggests, this song called Tottori Dune's One Day is a work that depicts a day full of nature of Tottori Prefecture's landmark Tottori Dune with a sound that makes you feel a space. The first half of the morning is from morning to noon, and the second half is from evening to night.

Also, when listening with earphones or headphones, the mix is conscious of Virtual Reality that allows you to comfortably experience One day in the Tottori Sand Dunes.

The expression of the whole song has a fantastic atmosphere and the feel of the song is relaxing, so when you meditate, of course, you can use it as a spa and background music before sleep. We hope you can enjoy the One day in Tottori Sand Dunes at this opportunity!!

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  • Yuta Itani

    Japanese sound creator♪ "Yuta Itani" Biography☆ミ Severe cerebral palsy was diagnosed in a childbirth accident. At that time, I was supposed to be able to play musical instruments live, so when I was a student I focused on listening to music. While touching various music, I became interested in visual sound and dance music. When I graduated from high school, I met Computer music on the Internet and studied DAW in Belgium by myself. In 2010, with the techno band that I liked at the time, I discovered a new electronic musical instrument called "touch panel synth that can be played with just one finger", learned how to use it myself, and expressed music as a player. In 2014, we formed an improvist techno band [DJ Yuta & Yuichi] with a player who has experience in local activities in Tokyo. In 2015, the Japan Barrier-Free Association will hold a music contest at the Tokyo International Forum, where music critic Reiko Yukawa will serve as the chair of the jury. Participated in the [12th Gold Concert], and was awarded the Grand Prix for its new and innovative performance style and unique worldview. It will revolutionize the tournament, which until then had mostly participants with no obstacles. The following year, the first job in Tokyo, which was held at the prefectural hall, [Governor Federation of Promoting Arts and Cultural Activities for Persons with Disabilities towards Tokyo Orient Para in 2020] He made a great success on the stage at a press conference. After that, he participated as an artist in the art project [TURN] sponsored by Tokyo Metropolitan Government and Arts Council and supervised by Katsuhiko Hibino. In December 2017, he was steadily expanding his field of activities, including being invited to the Pyeongchang Paralympics 100-day commemorative event held in Gangwon-do, South Korea. Also, as a composer, he has a composition mind that is not tied to a specific music genre, and he is good at music that brings to mind the scene, so there are many opportunities to receive offers for theatrical production of theatrical and visual systems.

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