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Inhale - Exhale


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※ 著作権管理事業者等が管理する楽曲は試聴できません。

A musical journey through the Martha Graham Dance Technique®.

A collaboration between Alessandra Prosperi and Saiko Fujii.

This compilation of piano and percussion has been choreographed by Alessandra Prosperi to follow all levels of Martha Graham Technique® classes. There are 49 tracks with a running time of 82 minutes, which includes music for Floor Work, Standing Center, Coming Across the Floor, and Standing Falls.

Piano and Percussion by Saiko Fujii
Guided by Alessandra Prosperi

Alessandra Prosperi is a former principal dancer of the Martha Graham Dance Company.

Saiko Fujii is an accompanist for modern dance classes including Martha Graham techniques, and classic ballet classes.
Saiko Fujii’s recording of “Music For Ballet Class” can be found here:

Cover Photo : Alessandra Prosperi in Martha Graham’s “Deep Song”.
Photo Credit : John Deane
Sound Engineer : Hikari Sawamura


Inhale - Exhale

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