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From Yokohama, Japan, music producer and recording engineer Yuji Tamura is set to release Lanes' first single after more than five years of silence, titled "Things Will Be Done Before You Come".

The slow, euphoric waltz, sung entirely in Japanese, was co-produced by Collin Davis, a record producer from California-based Stones Throw Studios, where the single was partially recorded remotely via online recording sessions.

"Things Will Be Done Before You Come" draws influence both from the synth sound of Broadcast, evocative of primitive electronic music, and the complex song arrangements of Brazilian composer Arthur Verocai. The new single enables you to get a glimpse of Tamura's love of the entwining guitar sound of Women, Television, and even as far as the latter's frontman, Tom Verlaine; and yet, beyond that, one can observe the simple-yet-catchy melody of the La's, as well as the deep, psychedelic chorus of Curt Boettcher's works.

In the years he spent away from the spotlight, Tamura has recorded and produced various underground forward-thinking bands from Tokyo, such as alternative band Mizuirazu, slowcore band Pause, scum-psych improvisation band John Tremendous' Soft Adult Explosion, and experimental band Pot-pourri.

"Things Will Be Done Before You Come" is where Tamura incorporates all of these musical experiences and showcases his new sound, one that will carry him to the next frontier of his artistic evolution.

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