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'Love song of moments of the moment that blooms in the night sky, momentary brightness and eternal lights'
"Millennium Fireworks" is a love song that has been warmed by the representative Japanese writer of Goro Matsui and Takashi Tsushimi who created numerous hit songs such as Hiromi Go. This work is a beautiful love song that contrasts the seasonal Japanese flowers with the fireworks of the momentum that blooms in the night sky, singing the momentary brilliance of love and the eternal light of love. Yasuyuki Fukuda, a singer-songwriter from Okinawa, sings this superb love song deeply and emotionally. With the sound of the Sanshin and the singing of Fukuda, the world of the image of "Japanese millennium fireworks" is transformed into a universal love song that transcends time and space. "I felt like this song was born to get to him," Matsui said. The "love song" that I want to hear most now is born.

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Sennen Hanabi

Spotify • Music from Okinawa: 沖縄ソングス • 11 Nov 2020

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  • Yasuyuki Fukuda

    Yasuyuki Fukuda Born in Okinawa City. He grew up with his father from Amami Oshima and his mother from Koza. During his childhood, he became acquainted with Nami and Kayo songs under the influence of his father. Began playing guitar at the rock concert held at the gate of Koza in elementary school. In high school, she listens to Sadao China's bye-bye Okinawa and begins sanshin. Since then, while learning Sanshin, Koto, and folk instruments, he has collaborated with artists of various genres. While working as a singer-songwriter, he also has a face as a teacher of the Ryukyu Music Association.

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