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The word "Waidai" is a word I created when I wrote the lyrics for this song.

When Moochy (J.A.K.A.M.) contacted me, he said it was about justice. Two films were sent to me, and I was very confused after watching them. It depicted a tragic world, a hopeless reality, and I wondered if there is any justice at all. I thought about justice in my own way, but I just couldn't like the word or the concept. Later he told me it's not only about justice itself, but it's also about people helping each other and the subtleties of human emotions.

I then thought he was referring to something like the empowerment which exists in human activities that precedes the weighty word, justice. One of the films was a documentary on Dr. Tetsu Nakamura, and the way Nakamura gazed at the vast land in the film left a great impression on me. For me, the landscape of Waidai overlaps with the landscape he saw.

I tried to express the feelings of people trying to be better, their desperation, struggle, and attitude of trying to connect even in the midst of chaos.

"Wai" means small or low. There are moments when even the smallest of beings come together and become a great force. The word "Waidai" embodies such a wish and my admiration for humans.

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    YUIMA ENYA studied jazz at The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music in NYC. She was also inspired by Butoh dance and began composing music with her unique sensibilities and wide range of expression while absorbing various forms of music. She sublimates jazz and world music into contemporary beats. In 2022, her first album "MALAKA" was released on vinyl records and streaming services. As a featured vocalist, she has participated in CAT BOYS and TAMTAM. The 7-inch single "Feel Like Makin' Love (cover)" of CAT BOYS released in 2020 has sold over 2000 copies. SUPER CATS and Thiiird Place, the bands in which YUIMA ENYA currently participates, released their first albums in April and May, respectively.

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  • J.A.K.A.M.

    J.A.K.A.M. (JUZU a.k.a. MOOCHY / NXS / CROSSPOINT) Born in Tokyo, he started playing in bands and DJing at the age of 15. The music of EvilPowersMe, a band formed with members who he met through skateboarding, was released on the American illustrator Pushead's label. As a DJ, his innovative and original style took the world by storm, and his activities quickly expanded from underground parties to huge festivals across the globe. As a solo music producer, he has remixed Buffalo Daughter for the U.S. record label Grand Royal, and his remixes of BOREDOMS and others have been released on a variety of labels, both major and independent. In 2003, he embarked on a recording tour with local musicians in Cuba, followed by a series of recordings around the world, and launched CROSSPOINT, a label he started as a new guideline for World Music. He has also produced video works, picture books, and art books, and in 2012, he organized the outdoor festival ONENESS CAMP "Jomon and Rebirth". His original visions straddle all genres and are spreading throughout the world.

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