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City-Pop Tune has been released by D'ypcys, who are entering their second year as an original artist and are titled "The Mixture Blues Band from Osaka." While having a soul and R&B feel with its roots in black music, it also features the lyrics and atmosphere of spring songs that are familiar to Japan. It's a work that's worth listening to, with city-pop-like rhythms, rap that appears here and there, and changes in key for each section.

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    Mixture Blues Band "D'ypcys" It's been about a year and a half since we formed. It attracts the audience with unique original songs that mix various genres based on black music. He is active in live houses and bars in Kansai. Vo.Gt. Mayu Hashimoto - In 2017, the blues session between Tokyo and Hiroshima will be held overnight in the car. In 2018, I went to Chicago alone to the United States and held many sessions with local musicians. In the past, he also performed with ichiro, who supported famous musicians such as Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi. Pay attention to the one and only guitar technique trained with blues. Ba. Kanata Watanabe - the youngest of this band. I joined D'ypcys through the introduction of a senior at the university. There are Rock and HardRock at the bottom, and my favorite bands are B'z and Aeresmith for a long time. Pay attention to the base play that supports behind the scenes. Dr. Yukito Kashiwagi - Hashimoto meets at a blues bar in Kyoto ahead of his overnight trip. In addition to the overwhelming knowledge of black music, pay attention to the drumming that is the foundation of D'ypcys with a pleasant rhythm unique to black music.

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